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Production activities of K&N�s are layer and broiler breeding, hatching, feed milling, broiler growing, poultry processing and production of ready-to-cook & fully cooked chicken products.


K&N�s manages its own product distribution (including Pakistan�s most extensive company owned cold-chain distribution system) and a chain of chicken stores for its range of chicken products.


K&N�s also operates a state-of-the-art poultry disease diagnostic & research laboratory and provides extension service to Pakistan�s poultry industry.


In every activity, K&N�s uses best-in-class equipment supplied by world-leading equipment manufacturers from Europe and USA.



K&N�s markets layer and broiler hatching-eggs, layer and broiler day-old chicks, poultry feed, processed chicken, and ready-to-cook & fully cooked chicken products.



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