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K&N’s operates several strategically located hatcheries covering all day-old chick markets to ensure delivery of high quality layer and broiler day-old chicks to commercial farmers throughout Pakistan.


All hatcheries are equipped with most modern cooling, heating and humidification systems to provide a uniform and consistent hatchery environment independent of varying outdoor weather conditions.


Incubators from world-renowned manufacturers are installed at all hatcheries and their performance data is recorded and monitored by a computerized incubation monitoring system.


Upon arrival from breeder farms, hatching-eggs are candled at all hatcheries to remove eggs, which may have cracked during transit. Sanitation and hygiene is enhanced by mechanically transferring eggs from one type of tray onto another until chicks are harvested from hatchers.


Maximum care is exercised while handling, reconstituting and administering vaccines using proper techniques and modern equipment. To ensure chicks get off to the healthiest start and stay protected from viral diseases, they receive injectable and spray vaccinations at the hatchery.


Day-old chicks are delivered to farmers in environment-controlled chick delivery vehicles to maintain quality during transit. After making deliveries, vehicles are washed and disinfected before entering the hatchery premises to avoid any risk of carrying disease causative agents back to the hatchery from the field.






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