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The year 1964; Pakistan a young independent nation forging ahead towards a dream: self sufficiency in food production.


Malnutrition remained a major problem and one out of four children died before attaining the age of five. 80% of ailing children were affected with diseases caused by protein, vitamin and mineral deficiency.


Poultry production, the quickest and least expensive way of filling the protein gap was planned to overcome malnutrition. Backyard poultry farming had to graduate to a more professional level.


anuary 1964, a young man, Khalil Sattar, still a college student, had the vision to foresee a need to establish a poultry farm. His interest led him to start a small broiler farm of 1,000 chicks. Little had he known this

  flock was to become the foundation stone of K&Nís.


This was the simple, inspired and nationalistic beginning of K&Nís with

a single-minded objective of providing better nutrition for Health and Happiness of the Nation.




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