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V19- K&N's Stok - The Safe and Healthy Chicken Cube (00:40) 


V03- K&N's Deline - Your Protein Power Breakfast (01:17)


V20- K&N's Safe and healthy chicken  (00:45) 


V21- K&N's Safe and healthy chicken (00:45)


V22- K&N's Safe and healthy chicken  (00:45) 


V23- K&N's 50 Years of Poultry Excellence (00:50)


V24- K&N's Pakistan  (01:33) 


V25- K&N's Free Home Delivery (00:28)








The K&N's Way Documentaries


D01- The K&N's Way (09:09)English


D02- The K&N's Way  (09:00)Urdu






K&N's, a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan Poultry Industry started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation.


Building on years of poultry expertise and commitment to food safety, K&N integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella to bring you safe & healthy chicken by managing and controlling all stages of production. 











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