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At our state-of-the-art poultry processing plant, only healthy chickens are used to produce high quality, safe and healthy chicken products. Chickens are Halal slaughtered by hand (Islamic Zabeeha) strictly according to The Shariah.


After Halal slaughter, chickens are processed in the most hygienic and automated manner. During processing, the birds are washed inside out and our veterinarians constantly examine the birds to confirm they are wholesome. Cleaning is constant and each evening the entire operation is completely washed and sanitized. Only after very thorough inspection, the plant begins operation each day.


All chickens pass through veterinary inspection to confirm they are wholesome. To keep a continuous check on quality, hygiene and food-safety, random samples are collected from the processing line for lab testing.


Some chickens are prepared to ship whole; others are packed as bone-in cuts or boneless products. Products for quality and food-safety conscious institutions - such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, clubs and international restaurant chains - are cut according to their specific requirements and packed in bulk packaging. Products for retail are packed in K&N's branded packaging and individually weighed, adding another step to K&Ns quality control.


Products are then blast frozen at a very low temperature of –28C to ensure product freshness, taste and food-safety.




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