The perfect solution for fried chicken restaurants
K&N's Marinato offers a wide range of consistent marinated premium bone-in and boneless products, together with a breader concerntrate for a perfect breaded fried chicken solution.
Marinato range enables restaurants to serve a consistently high-quality product to customers, which is always a challenge when attempting to marinate chicken at restaurants due to many variable factors. There is also less wastage with Marinato, as only required product can be thawed and used for breading and frying at the restaurant rather than first thawing raw chicken, adding spices to it, marinating in the kitchen and then having to deal with leftovers, which increases wastage and costs. Marinato not only provides better food-safety but also helps save labour costs by reducing preparation steps required for restaurant operators yielding happy customers and higher profit margins.

9-Piece Cut
Boneless Thigh Fillet
Boneless Breast Cubes
K&N's Marinato Product Range
- 9-Piece Cuts
- Boneless Thigh Fillet
- Boneless Breast Cubes
- Drummettes
- Wings
Pack Weight
2.5 ~ 2.7 Kg
2.2 ~ 2.63 Kg
1.0 Kg
2.0 Kg
2.0 Kg