Parent Stock
 • Highest hatchability
 • Highest number of chicks
 • Lowest feed consumption
 • Least cost per chick
Day-Old Chicks
 • Superior performance on low density rations
 • Lowest feed conversion ratio
 • Highest growth rates
 • Most feed efficient
 • Highest liveability
CobbParent Stock & Broilers
Poultry Feed
K&N's poultry feed is based on: natural grain products such as corn, corn gluten, rice and wheat; oilseed meals of soybean, canola and sunflower supplemented with multi-vitamins and minerals.

Feed is always tested by our quality assurance lab to ensure it is wholesome because K&N's does not compromise on quality. Feed is also supplied to our day-old chick customers and growers for realizing the profit potential of K&N's quality day-old chicks.