Karahi and Biryani Stok®
Complete spice-mix, infused with safe and healthy
chicken stock

Cooking Procedure
K&N's Biryani Stok

Cooking Procedure
K&N's Karahi Stok

Simplify your cooking

1 Heat oil and add chicken.

2 When chicken changes colour, add:
For Karahi - 2 Karahi STOK cubes for every 1/2 kg of chicken. Add more cubes for extra spice.
For Biryani - 2 Biryani STOK cubes for every 225g of rice. Add more cubes for extra spice.

3 Add finely chopped tomatoes when chicken is half done. Cook till tender.

4 Garnish as preferred.

For biryani, if you desire, add potatoes when STOK has mixed thoroughly with chicken. Add water for gravy.

Boil rice with salt to your taste, for layering.

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